Archer is a sister of Thiza and Destiney she love to hangout with them and cook and lots of thing she gets energy pushes alot o.e and shes a Aqua mermaid and She's a princess of the Antartic Ocean



Selena Gomez & The Scene - Who Says (Audio)03:15

Selena Gomez & The Scene - Who Says (Audio)

Archer only sing it :/

Mermaid Edit

Archer's mermaid form is a black seashell bra and a aqua mermaid tail and black beads her eye color is black and her hair is aqua with a black bang .


Human attireEdit



Archers voice is like for exzample Selena gomez rock pop and sometimes soft.

Songs she sings

1.Year without rain (Made by Selena Gomez)

2.Monster mix (Made by Meg and Dia)
Meg & Dia - Monster Remix00:00

Meg & Dia - Monster Remix

3.Who says (Made by Selena Gomez)

4.Lights (Duet with Thirza made by Ellie Goulding)



Pichi pichi voice live start!

Your harshing my mello

I'll find Dessie myself!

relationship's with other charactersEdit

Tia=they fight sometime's but good friends

Destiney=Good sister's

Thirza=ood sister's

Willa=good friends

Tess=hey are alike

Maria=acher is bossy around her

Sieanna=as a hard time explaning to her

Benjaming=Archer spazzing out....

Alena:Best friend's

More to come


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