Asuna is a shy and high sprited girl,but she usually get into fight with girls.Asuna is a mermaid ,Her mermaid color is Light Pink.

Asuna in Human Form Asuna : Go guys!!!

Asuna in Transform

Asuna in Mermaid Form

RelationshipsEdit Akaya Nami -Akaya Nami is Asuna's twin sister,but they are not identical twins.Since Asuna was little ,Akaya take cared of her.Akaya Nami looks like Linda Cosoi. Shizuka Nami -Shizuka Nami is Asuna and Akaya's Mother.She is currently the Queen of the Red Sea. Shuko Nami -Shuko Nami is Asuna and Akaya's Auntie.She is currently the Queen of the Pinkie Sea. Shiroii Kusakabe -Shiroii Kusakabe is a mermaid.Shiroii is Asuna's Fiance


Scene #1: Shiroii trying to force Asuna on a kiss.

Scene #2: Asuna is shy.


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