Cicily is a sassy, tempered, and quiet 13 year old girl. She is one of Karens many daughters, unfortunately she had to flee her mother and rule the Chinainian Ocean at her age of 9. She has light purple hair, and bright purple eyes, that go together quite beautifully.


Cicily is very sassy and rude sometimes, making it hard for people to get along with her at times. She also has a bit of a temper, meaning she can and will get mad easily, so it's best you don't tick her off. She can also be a bit shy, so half of the time she's a very quiet girl.




As a human, Cicily has purple eyes that can shine very brightly and capture hearts easily. Her hair turns into a milkshake brown color, having the ability to make people get hungry a bit easily. She ties her hair up in two little pigtails, leaving the rest of it hanging.

Human AttireEdit

Coming soon!


As a Mermaid, Cicily has light purple hair, and retains her purple eyes. She follows the same trend as most Mermaid Princesses these days. Wearing a smoke colored seashell bra, and sometimes her hair ties are the same color. Her breacelets around her wrists and tail are purple, and the same color follows for her the necklace that contains her pearl.

Idol FormEdit

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Cicilys voice is high-pitched, but she has a nice singing voice. Her tone classification would be Soprano, like some other mermaids. She sings several duets, but prefers to sing on her own.

Songs she sings:

  • Tokyo Girl (Made by Ace of Base)
  • Butterfly (From Dance Dance Revolution)



Gotta.. keep my cool... Musn't... get... mad...

Lavender Pearl Voice!


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