Isis is the princess of the Egyptian Ocean, and loves ice cream. Her favorite animal is a snake, or a sea-snake, and her favorite color is sandy beige, the exact color of her hair! She's very happy, and always looks on the brightside of things, no matter the situation.. She is rumored blind, but she has hightened senses so she can still live a normal life, she can even sense colors.


Isis is a calm, quiet girl. She doesn't have much of a temper, but she can get very lonely sometimes, because she had to leave her old kingdom to rule the Egyptian Ocean at the tender age of seven. She loves to play games, especially Pachisi, and adores snakes and ice cream.




Human AttireEdit

Isis very likes blue and yellow.She always wear clothes that are colored blue and yellow.She likes ruffles in dresses too.


As a mermaid, Isis' eyes are lighter blue, and her legs turn into a sandy colored mermaid tail. Her hair grows much longer, but remains sandy beige.

Mermaid AttireEdit

Isis follows along with the other mermaid princesses' attire. She wears a gold seashell bra with a blue pearl strap, and two strands of lapis beads on her tail and right wrist. She has a golden oyster pendant, with lapis blue wings. She also wears a golden chocker.



Isis has a soft, high pitched voice, but sometimes it get's squeaky when she's excited. She loves to sing, and her singing is very enchanting to listen to.


  • Beautiful Day (Made by DJ Melodie)


Hello there, my name's Isis. What's yours?

WUAH! Who are you?!

I LOVE this stuff!



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