Luana Morado's Info Edit

Birthday: June 17

Star Sign: Gemini

Age: 16-18

Blood Type: A

Family: Himiko Morado(younger sister), Asachi Morado(deceased mother)

Love Interest: Cyan

Favorite Color: Red

Alias: Red Pearl Voice, Mermaid Princess Luana-sama

English Dub Name: Liliana

Best Friend: Lucia Nanami

Favorite Food: Crustaceans

Least Favorite Food: Parsley

Favorite Subject: Maths

Least Favorite Subject: English

Hopes to Go: Hawaii

Hair Color: Blond (human), Red (mermaid and idol)

Eye Color: Green (human), Dark Red (mermaid and idol)

IQ: 160

Best Quality: Bravery

Favorite Type of Boys: Intellectual

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