Minako Hushiko Sing

Minako singing

Minako Hushiko is a cheerful elegant girl.She is the daughter of Lucita Hushiko(Lucita Domoto) and Saigo Hushiko.Her mother is the queen of the Brown Sea.


Her appearance while in Human form is Brown eyes and Yellow colored hair.
Minako Hushiko

Minako in her Human Form

Her appearance while in Idol form is Dark Brown eyes and
Minako Hushiko Transform

Minako in her Idol Form

Mocha colored hair.

Her appearance while in Mermaid form is Dark Brown eyes and Light Mocha colored hair.
Minako Hushiko M

Minako while in her Mermaid form



Luchia Domoto

Luchia Domoto (Luchia Nanami)-Luchia is Minako's Grandma.
120px-Christina and Kaito

Kaito Domoto

Lucita Domoto

Lucita Hushiko(Lucita Domoto)

Kaito Domoto - Kaito is Minako's Grandpa.

Lucita Hushiko (Lucita Domoto)- Lucita is Minako's Mother.

Saigo Hushiko - Saigo is Minako's Father.

Kazuya Masahiro - Kazuya is a human.Kazuya is Minako's crush

Misaki Haruka - Misaki is a mermaid . Misaki is Minako's best friend


Minako is voiced by Taylor Swift.

SONG#1: Love Story (By Tailor Swift)

SONG#2: Ours (By Tailor Swift)

SONG#3: You Belong With Me (By Tailor Swift)

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