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  • I live in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • I was born on September 5
  • My occupation is Student Artist
  • I am Female
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    Q and A

    April 1, 2011 by Destiney the Hedgehog

    Well, I figured since I am getting a bit bored, i'll set up an Ask my characters blog >~< So just ask 'em any question ya want. It can even be a stupid question.

    Characters to ask so far:

    • Destiney Cove
    • Cicily Rabenda
    • Mizoke Fantomu
    • Darangel Cove
    • Grace Rose
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  • Destiney the Hedgehog

    Bad and good news guys... my laptop busted! I won't be on as often for awhile! Waaa! But in good news, i'll be getting a new one from the school! So even faster, and better! also I can't dlo recolor or animation projects until then >.< So please be patient for those who are waiting to see some!

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  • Destiney the Hedgehog

    I heard about the recent davastating Tsunami in Japan today (I nearly cryed) And It got me thinking, what does a Tsunami mean for the Mermaid World? Please tell me!

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  • Destiney the Hedgehog

    Name help! i'm making the princess of the Chinainian sea. She is one of Karens daughters (lucia recolor) Here is a picture of her.

    Possible names:

    • Rabenda
    • Cicily
    • Murasaka Hana
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  • Destiney the Hedgehog


    March 1, 2011 by Destiney the Hedgehog

    Yeah, on another wiki a user named Memphis the Light made a blog like this, so I'm copying him. Use this for anything. Just don't swear or doing anything rated over PG-13 O.o

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