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  • LittleLuckyLucy

    This place has gotten so dead lately so maybe a contest will poke you all out of hiding. This is a new character of mine who I just realized I needed for my plot to work out. Please excuse the general fail of the drawing and the fact that she doesn't have hands. Yep. I don't have a specific due date in mind, but I probably won't drag this out for too long so get your answers in as soon as you can.

    • You can change your answers up to three times if you want to.
    • You can enter an incomplete set of answers, but what's the point of that?
    • Try not to copy someone else's answers.
    • Be a good sport about not getting a very good score. I honestly don't expect you guys to do too well since no one can follow my train of thought except for my "twin".

    1. What do you t…

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  • LittleLuckyLucy

    Character Vote

    April 3, 2011 by LittleLuckyLucy

    I've made my choices, but I'm leaving this up because I'm lazy :p

    So I have a backstory and a personality and everything for my antagonist, but I can't decide a few things about her appearance. I know how she'll look in her Mermaid form and her human form, but I don't know about her Idol form. Or her Pearl. Yep.

    These are the two color schemes I had for her Pearl. I might end up making the greyish black on the left Pearl a bit lighter though.

    And these are what I had for her Idol.The green of her hair would be darker of course, but I still can't decide between the two :p

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  • LittleLuckyLucy

    A friend sent this to me and apparently this is a meme of some sort. I think it's meant to gauge how in-depth you go with planning a story (the more you plan and organize, the better it'll turn out after all). Anyway, it's more for original ideas, but it can still work for fanfiction and I thought it might be fun. It's kind of weird, but just go with it.

    If you could make a wiki about any of your ideas which would it be?

    What exactly is it?


    How many pages would you need for characters?

    For locations?

    For objects?

    For plot points?

    For other things?


    If you could make a wiki about any of your ideas which would it be?

    DbZ since I seriously need to organize that thing.

    What exactly is it?

    Novel turned video game (you think Nintendo's taking id…

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